Which paint by numbers company is the best?

Canvas by Numbers is dedicated to spreading the love of art around the world, even though they are based in the United States. This painting by numbers company has a vast collection of many classic, modern and abstract works of art to choose from. Based in New York, Original Paint by Number offers a wide collection of DIY artwork. Whether you're a beginner or a master artist, you're sure to find the perfect canvas for your next project.

With Original Painting by Number, you can buy by price or category. Simply upload your photo and they will turn it into a canvas to paint by numbers. However, that's not all that Easy 123 Art has to offer. They also have a good selection of classic paintings.

There is also a nice collection of Kentucky Derby paint-by-number kits for children and adults. Paint-by-number kits first appeared in the 1950s by budding artist Dan Robbins. They remained very popular until the late 1970s. Our buying guide can help you sort through all the options.

Our top pick, the Faber-Castell paint-by-number museum series, earns high marks for its useful accessories, including a prop easel and online video instructions to help beginners. These paint-by-number artworks are a little more expensive to buy because artists receive a commission on their original paint-by-number stencils. This paint by numbers company based in Kentucky took two old favorites and combined them to create a new concept. The canvas panel (measuring 40 by 80 centimeters) is backed with rigid cardboard and printed with light gray contours that disappear under quick-drying acrylic paint.

It comes with numbered acrylic paints, a pre-printed numbered canvas, 3 brushes and a hanging kit. They all have a rich history of providing some of the best paintings by numbers available that meet almost every artistic style and level out there. Paint by numbers sets, in which the numbered outline of an image comes with the corresponding numbered paint tones, were first developed as a marketing scheme by a paint company. By their nature, paint-by-number kits are made to be discarded once the project is complete, so it makes sense that the quality of canvas, paint and paint brushes is lower than going to an art supply store and buying everything individually.

Painting by numbers has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, create concentration, and promote brain relaxation. You learn a lot from reading books, but painting them on canvas could help improve hand-eye coordination. It comes with eco-friendly acrylic paints, all mixed for you, so you just have to match the painting numbers and figures on the pre-prepared canvas to complete the image. Then you will be sent the paint by numbers kit with 24 colors, you can upgrade to 36 or 42 colors if you prefer, this will give you more details in the painting.

This modern and elegant painting by numbers kit features a sun-drenched mountainous landscape with pine trees and setting sun.