Can you make money painting by numbers?

For those who are interested in sharing Just Paint by Number with their network, we offer an Affiliate Program. Commissions will be paid at checkout on our site. So does selling finished paint by numbers work a viable secondary income idea? The answer is yes. It may sound unconventional, but it's legitimate.

Finished painting by numbers - Finish Yes, you can. Although it seems unconventional, it is true. As long as you disclose your artwork as an interpretation of an original piece, the sale of your masterpiece of painting by numbers is legal. Include in the description of your item that, although the painting is an interpretation of an original piece, your personal touches make it a unique piece.

It is designed for those who want to make money blogging or monetize an existing blog. Our products are well suited to the craft and DIY audience. So you've achieved the first step of any budding artist: you've honed your skills and developed your unique style. Now, for the second step: sell it to people.

Art evaluators say that works of art are really worthless (except sentimental value, of course) until they are exchanged for money. No matter how good your work is, setting a fair, accurate and realistic price is the first step to becoming a creator with canvas problems and becoming a successful seller. Minus Art has compiled the industry's best knowledge in a guide on how to price your art. Intellectual property lawyer Alex Reese claims that it is legal to sell works of art created from paint-by-number kits.

I'm probably dating myself for a few decades, but some of you might remember the paint-by-number kits that allowed you to think you could actually paint a picture, and someone would inevitably tell you;. A hobby loved by people of all ages, painting by numbers has become a go-to activity for those looking to relax at the end of a busy day. Despite this, vintage painting by number is still popular as a collector's item and decoration these days. Applying this concept to your painting by numbers artworks, they must be reproducible to an acceptable degree.

It helps that many paint-by-number paintings come out so well that people find it hard to believe that they were guided. Some paint-by-numbers artists have become so good at painting that they end up selling their finished paintings. While some may say that painting by numbers is “unoriginal” or “cheating”, many art lovers don't discriminate as long as the painting job is up to standards. So is it legal to buy paint by numbers kits, paint them, and then sell the finished works for profit? According to intellectual property lawyer Alex Reese, selling works of art created from paint by numbers kits is completely legal.

By its very nature, Paint by Numbers keeps the brain busy and stimulates activity. When you're bored, especially, this keeps you going. Contemporary painting by number is considered a fun hobby, while a vintage piece is admired for its kitsch and decorative value. Working on a paint-by-number masterpiece, a great way to relax while releasing some creative energy, can also help you develop artistic skills you didn't know you had.