Should I stretch a painting by numbers canvas before painting?

Paint by Numbers canvas stencils must be stretched perfectly before painting in order for the paint to adhere properly. However, most customers decide to finish the artwork first and then stretch it over the wooden frame. Before painting a masterpiece, the painting by numbers canvas stencil should be stretched just right so that it works and holds the paint properly. However, many customers choose to finish the paintings first and then stretch the painting on canvas over the wooden frames.

Either way, you choose the one that suits you best. There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about the use of tension bars before or after finishing painting. Clearly, it may be advantageous to paint on a canvas that is already stretched. If you decide to go for that option, which means stretching the canvas before painting it, that's perfectly fine.

We always recommend mounting the canvas before painting, although it will depend on whether you have an easel. A stretched canvas is not ideal for painting on a table or desk, as it can lose tension if you lean on it. This will not happen when painting with an easel. If, on the other hand, you do not have an easel, it is better to paint your canvas first, as described in section 5, and then mount the frame once it is finished and completely dry, which we will explain later.

Easy Painting by Numbers Instructions Unpack your paint by numbers kit and place canvas, paints and brushes on a flat surface. Place it exactly on the paint so that it is in the correct position on the frame. To avoid staining, start painting on top of the canvas to make sure the paint is above your hand as it dries. However, if you cut the excess canvas after painting over it, you may have to sacrifice the outer edges of the paint for the corners of the frame.

It's a fairly simple process that won't even take the time equivalent of painting a quarter of the painting, but will elevate your presentation by leaps and bounds. Melanie's YouTube channel is an excellent example of how deep you can get into advanced practices with your paint by number kit. It also includes a full review of a Winnie's Picks paint-by-number kit, so head over to this page and have a look. Plaster is a primer material that facilitates the application of paint and achieves greater contrast by applying one or more layers to the canvas before painting.

The other option is to complete the painting without framing it, and when the painting is complete decide how it should be framed. If you participate in your painting by numbers project in a contest and then disobey the rules while painting it, you have cheated.