How to paint by numbers canvas?

Use enough paint to cover the numbers, but not enough to get the paint into other areas. With each color, start in the center of the image working so you don't miss a single point. I would recommend buying the kits that are labeled “EASY” for children ages 7 to 11, depending on how crafty they are. Adults and children over the age of 11 can do the INTERMEDIATE level.

I discovered that the paintings came numbered and grouped in colors. Start from the top of the paint canvas and continue down to prevent staining. If you are left-handed, it's best to start from the upper right corner, while if you are right-handed, start from the upper left corner. This way, the risk of stains will be minimal.

Use enough paint to cover any area, but be precise when painting. Its quantity should be enough to cover the area, but the color should not enter the next part connected to your painted area. Don't use the paint too much or you may run out of paint and you'll have to wait a few days for new paint cans to arrive. For the person who is worried about covering up numbers in “paint by number”, it was “clear plaster” that was suggested here.

I bought my first paint by numbers kit and also an Arteza metallic acrylic of 36 and the set of 60 acrylic colors to use instead of the paint capsules provided. I used it when I was painting with acrylics years ago, but until now I haven't had the need or the desire to try it with paint by numbers kits. If you're completing a paint by numbers kit, make sure you choose a paint by numbers that is printed on a quality canvas; when you're done, it will look more like a quality paint. Apart from that, don't hesitate to use just two or three drops of water on the paint before you start painting.

If you are a beginner, you may have some difficulty painting on canvas, although the canvas you buy of all the paintings by numbers is of very good quality. The first step in making painting by numbers look better is to buy the best type of paint by numbers game. I ended up having extra paint after finishing my painting by numbers, but every paint pot in my kit was quite small. I tend to have some relaxing music in the back while I'm painting, I'll find out what makes painting more enjoyable.

While it's best to use just a little paint at a time on the brush, you should also make sure you cover the numbers. But how can you make your painting by numbers look better? Well, we have some paint-by-number tips for you to follow. Using transparent plaster is also better because it does not hide numbers and lines and does not cause inference between paint. A white paint marker will completely cover the numbers or lines on the canvas, but be sure to use the white paint marker before you start painting the numbers.